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Name: Led Signal Light
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      New Led signal light with multi-function.

      Lightweight components with PC lens ,stainless screws.


      1.Model: 5JG-SR3601

      2.Lamp Type: CREE

      3.Input Voltage : 12/24V DC

      4.Rated Wattage: stop light-4.32w

      turning light-24.32w

      tail light-4.32w

      5.Rated Lumen: stop light-84lm

      turning light-228lm

      tail light-84lm

      6.color temperature: stop light-1406k

      turning light-1671k

      tail light-1404k

      7.Waterproof: : IP67

      8.Lifespan: Over 100000h

      9.Product weight: 0.215kg

      10.Case quantity: 48pcs/carton

      11.Size: 122.7*122.7*65.12mm

      12.Certification: CE,ROHS


      Trucks,cars ect