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Name: LED combination tail lights
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      Product Item: Red/Amber LED combination tail trailer rear lights


      Rectangle 3 function LED tail light, Stop/Tail/Indicator and Reflector, 40pcs hi-bright LEDs, 12v 24v 10-30 volt, Epoxy resin sealed, waterproof, shockproof


      1.Model Number: 5JG-SR6405

      2.Material : ABS+PC

      3.Number of LEDS: 6 RED+ 6 amber SMD LEDS

      4.Voltage: 12V ,24V, 10-30V

      5.Mount type: Screw mount

      6.Connect type: one wire

      The Professional Tests we do:

      1. Low temperature test

      2. High temperature test

      3. Temperature & humidity test

      4. Thermal shock cycling test

      5. Dust test

      6. Random vibration test

      7. Mechanical shock test

      8. Low pressure test

      9. Drip box water test